Sunday, January 19, 2014

Calm Before The Storm...

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This week was the calm before the storm. 

We did our chores. (In a pink fuzzy bear suit. Totally normal.)

It was homeschool as usual all week and Darran finished up a tractor he was working on. When work time was over there was lots of hiking, sledding, and playing in the sunshine.

We discovered Baby O's jogging stroller goes pretty danged good in the snow.
Red is totally over winter.
I tried to get back in the groove of a regular workout routine. I'm adding yoga twice a week. I think I'm going to need a little flexibility in my life.
My mother in law stopped by and brought Baby O a present.
Shock soaked up some rays.
Everything was basically business as usual around here and I made sure to enjoy every second. Because I knew what was coming...

Today is Sunday. Hello crazy-busy storm.

Darran is off getting equipment ready for a job he starts tomorrow hauling scrap iron. (I allowed myself to stress a bit this week about how we were going to buy some of the things we need to get started with the houseSawmill blades, concrete... Silly me, it always works out.) Though we'll still need to keep our budget tight, this job should help pay for most of what we need to get started building, but it will also keep Darran gone more days and longer hours than we're used to.

And me? I am trying to wash diapers, clean the house for the week, write something for my fitness blog (and this blog of course), plan our homeschool week, do a bit of meal prep, and just overall get a jump on a week (or two or three) that I know Darran will not be around to help out as much as usual. All while wearing Baby O. in our Moby wrap because she is a bit fussy/cranky (teething maybe?) and trying to keep two rowdy boys in check.

Before I sat down to write this post I was beginning to feel majorly stressed. I took this time to give myself a little talking to. To remind myself to focus on being grateful for the amazingness happening in our lives right now and that it will all work out fine. Worrying and stressing will do nothing but make the journey less fun. I'm prioritizing what I need to get done and what I can let go of (this was supposed to be a Paleo recipe post. Sigh.). Most of all I'm reminding myself that this is merely a season in our lives and it shall pass. Meanwhile the light at the end of the tunnel is a beautiful sight.

So, bring it on crazy-busy storm. I'm ready.

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