Sunday, January 12, 2014


Yesterday Darran, the kids, and I went out to hike around and check out possible sites for the house. Darran had 4 spots in mind for me to look at. He chose them for sensible things like proximity to existing water and best spots for solar/wind energy. I however was scrutinizing them for important things like how good was the view and the cell service. Priorities.

If we're friends on Facebook or Instagram you have already seen sites 1 and 2. Sites 3 and 4 had no view of Pikes Peak. Total deal-breaker for me.

View from site 1
View from site 2

I've fallen passionately in love with site 1. It's perfect. It's at the edge of the trees so there's a little shelter from the weather, but towards the east opens up to pasture. The view is beyond and, well, it had the best cell service. You know, in case I need to instagram a funny goat video, er, I mean, you have to be safe in case of an emergency!

Darran agrees it's a sensible spot. I will happily cook on my wood-burning cook stove and wash my dishes by hand while gazing out the window here.

More views from site 1:

This is looking East from where the house will be. I can just see a new goatopia here for Ellie and Fiona. Also, a new home for the chickens and maybe even the garden spot. Oh, and did I mention I want a milk cow?
All. The. Critters.
Where I want the house. Nothing is set in stone, but I'm in love with this spot!

Video standing where the house would go. No sound but wind, and a little shaky. Working on getting better with video!

Most of all: it feels like home already.

After that little excursion I'm so happy-excited-eager that Darran is lucky it's winter. Seriously, I'd be out there in a tent... hoping my laptop battery held up?

And now: the work begins...